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About SrivasLaw

Where Family Comes First

SrivasLaw is a boutique law firm which exclusively specializes in family law matters relating to divorce, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, property division, and domestic violence restraining orders. At SrivasLaw, our mission is to help our clients through the emotional and complicated process of divorce and custody while keeping in mind the cultural impact divorce can have on our clients. While many firms may have family law as one of their practice areas, at SrivasLaw, family law is our only practice area. This means that our firm is committed to handling family law matters where family comes first.

Divorce and Legal Separation Services:

California is a no-fault state, which means that the courts do not require you to have a reason to get divorced. However, sometimes, divorce is not the only option! Let SrivasLaw help you decide whether divorce or divorce is right for you based on the facts of your case. Knowing your options early will help you efficiently bring your case to a close.

Property Division Services:

California is a community property state, which means that all assets and debts acquired during the marriage are equally shared 50/50 unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties. Therefore, it is important to know what property constitutes as community property and what exactly is each party entitled under California law. SrivasLaw can help you not only characterize the type of property the parties have but how the value of each is assessed. SrivasLaw works with top forensic accountants to ensure that clients understand the true implications of the property division.

Child Custody & Visitation Services:

Children are often the silent victims in a divorce or separation. SrivasLaw believes that the best interests of the children always come above all other matters in a divorce or legal separation. Let SrivasLaw assist you in the modification of child custody, visitation, and establishing child support so that your children truly get the love and support that they are always entitled.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders:

Let SrivasLaw assist you in obtaining or defending a restraining order. SrivasLaw has experience in filing temporary restraining orders, including ex parte (emergency motions) and also defending against temporary restraining orders. SrivasLaw takes restraining orders very seriously and is committed to ensure that restraining orders are used for the true purpose for which they were intended.

SrivasLaw Team

Family Law and Estate Planning

Archana Srivastava, Esq- Attorney

Archana Srivastava, Esq- Attorney

4695 Chabot Drive, Suite 200
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(510) 474-1444

About The Attorney

Ms. Srivastava moved to the United States from India when she was a young child. Ms. Srivastava's parents got divorced in the late early 1990s, where divorce was not heard of in South Asian culture. The divorce of Ms. Srivatava's parents instilled in her the passion for family law, with her commitment to serve others and the best interest of their children. Being of South Asian descent, Ms. Srivastava understands the stigma that is placed on divorce in the Indian culture, and more specifically, how divorce affects the children. Therefore, Ms. Srivastava's litigation style is centered on looking at the whole picture and getting the best results for her clients, which often times, does not just involve property division. Ms. Srivastava also places a great deal of emphasis on co-parenting and safeguarding the children in order to help families cope with the emotions of a divorce.


During law school, Ms. Srivastava interned with Bay Area Legal Aid where she helped represent domestic violence victims obtaining temporary restraining orders and child custody proceedings. After graduating law school, Ms. Srivastava interned for the Santa Clara Superior Court, where she worked at the Family Law Clinic in drafting and filing dissolution and child custody paperwork. Ms. Srivastava also spent several months clerking for a family law judge where she assisted with drafting statements of decisions and legal research in order for the judge to make an informed ruling. Prior to starting her own firm in 2018, Ms. Srivastava was an associate at various law firms where she handled exclusively family law cases.


Ms. Srivastava received her B.A. from The Pennsylvania State University and her J.D. from Widener University School of Law. While in law school, Ms. Srivastava was part of Law Review and the Moot Court Honor Society, where she held a Board position. We speak: ENGLISH, HINDI, TELUGU, PUNJABI **Translation service available via appointment**

Danni Garces, Legal Assistant

Danni Garces, Legal Assistant

4695 Chabot Drive, Suite 200
Pleasanton, CA 94588

About Danni

Danni Garces is the legal assistant here at SrivasLaw Family Law and Estate Planning Firm, who assists Ms. Srivastava with scheduling appointments and handles the coordination of your estate plan documents. Coming from an immigrant background as well, she shares and understands our firm´s family values. She is a dynamic and energetic assistant who gets things done.


Danni received her highschool degree from Cathedral Highschool in NY, and her Bachelor of Architecture degree from ¨Universidad Privada Boliviana¨ in South America. Fluent in both english and spanish.

Our Area of Expertise

SrivasLaw handles cases from the filing of the Petition or Response to case settlement or trial. SrivasLaw also handles limited scope family law matters. Limited scope means that you can hire our firm to handle only specific tasks such as reviewing Judicial Council Forms and other court specific documents that need to be filed with the court, drafting a motion for an upcoming hearing, responding to pleadings, filing ex parte motions, making a special appearance on your behalf at court, and much more!


Trust SrivasLaw to handle your divorce. Our firm handles all divorce matters, whether it is contested, uncontested, or default.

Estate Planning

SrivasLaw can assist in your estate planning needs by planning for the unexpected.

Child Custody and Child Support

At SrivasLaw, we prioritize the best interests of the children. We can assist in all child custody matters, including timeshare and child support.

Domestic Violence

SrivasLaw can assist you in the filing or response to a domestic violence restraining order. We take this issue very seriously and strive to bring out the truth in this sensitive and very emotional matter.

What Our Clients Say

We used Archana for estate planning services and found her to be responsive, friendly and efficient. The entire process was completed seamlessly and within a very short time frame due to our need for a quick turnaround. Overall, this was a pleasurable experience and we will definitely use her services in the future. We highly recommend Archana!

Archana went above and beyond to resolve the case as expeditiously as possible even though the other party dragged its feet often. She guided me every step, keeping me informed on what to expect realistically. When she took my case, I was depressed by the request for documents for 10 years and the failure by other party to accept all that I gave. She negotiated it to 2 years and helped prepare the documentation. She took the load off my mind and the whole process was lot more peaceful for me.

Archana couldn't have made my divorce any easier! Any time i had any questions or concerns she was extremely easy to get ahold of and quick to answer my questions. I feel she went above and beyond in my case, and I couldn't have asked for a more reasonable, honest, and caring person to work my case. If i could give her more than 5 stars I would! I highly recommend her to anyone that would need a divorce!

Archana Srivastava's expertise, knowledge and understanding of the California law helped with my divorce case to a great deal. Our opposing council were extremely tough to work with as they were focused on extracting as much as they can and delay the process as long as they can. Archana dealt with these people carefully and guided me to make right decisions at the right time.

Archana tells it to you straight -- even when you don't want to hear it. If she's doing that, then you need to be listening. She is smart, she is informed, and also generous -- no nickel and diming here. She does not want you to waste your money and will thoughtfully guide you to understand the law even when it is nonsensical or unfair. She is highly intelligent and patient, keeping her demeanor and presence in front of the judge despite the behavior of opposing counsel. Count on Archana to do an excellent job. Count on her to be professional and on point. Thank you for everything on behalf of our family!

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