California is a no-fault state, which means that the courts do not require you to have a reason to get divorced. However, sometimes, divorce is not the only option! Let SrivasLaw help you decide whether divorce or divorce is right for you based on the facts of your case. Knowing your options early will help you efficiently bring your case to a close.

California is a community property state, which means that all assets and debts acquired during the marriage are equally shared 50/50 unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties. Therefore, it is important to know what property constitutes as community property and what exactly is each party entitled under California law. SrivasLaw can help you not only characterize the type of property the parties have but how the value of each is assessed. SrivasLaw works with top forensic accountants to ensure that clients understand the true implications of the property division.

Children are often the silent victims in a divorce or separation. SrivasLaw believes that the best interests of the children always come above all other matters in a divorce or legal separation. Let SrivasLaw assist you in the modification of child custody, visitation, and establishing child support so that your children truly get the love and support that they are always entitled.

Let SrivasLaw assist you in obtaining or defending a restraining order. SrivasLaw has experience in filing temporary restraining orders, including ex parte (emergency motions) and also defending against temporary restraining orders. SrivasLaw takes restraining orders very seriously and is committed to ensure that restraining orders are used for the true purpose for which they were intended.

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